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Italy offers many different incentives for feature films, documentaries and TV series productions. Commercial productions are not eligible.



An Italian production company can obtain up to 40% of the eligible costs of the total budget as tax credit for feature films, documentaries and TV series productions.

The tax credit is not automatic: not every project can access to it, and therefore it is important to establish the possibilities with an expert consultant before starting the whole ministerial process. The process to obtain the ministerial credit is long, but we have the expertise to handle it marvelously.

There are two phases of application: in the first one, once the Ministry has received the documentation from the Italian production company, it determines if the project is eligible for the tax credit; in the second one it determines the monetary value that can be recognized to the project. After the second phase is finished, the Italian production company can start using the credit to pay all picture-related Italian tax liabilities and therefore save on production costs.

Our team can answer to specific questions regarding how the Italian tax credit works, including: consultation on the possibility of obtaining the credit by analyzing the single project, processing times and all the necessary costs to fulfill both the phases.



To encourage investment in the film industry, there is also a tax credit of 20% for Italian companies outside the industry, which can arrive up to 40% if the film obtains a fund from the state as well. This specific possibility requires that the local film company is involved in development of the project, the sooner the better.

Eligibility for both tax credits is subject to approval by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, MIC.


FUS – Unique Fund for Performing Arts

The government provides direct funding for projects it determines a priority, following a study of the script, writers, actors, Italian talent, historical & cultural interest, and more. Funding is both for the development stage and the production of the project, and it can be asked by production companies which detain partial rights of the film.

The evaluation process usually requires that a producer seeking this funding applies at least one year in advance.




Each Italian region publishes a fund with specific budget for films, documentaries and TV series every year.

Criteria determining eligible costs and the type of assistance vary from region to region and can be either confirmed or modified each year. It is necessary to have the documentation ready at least six months before the application to the fund, therefore the application needs to be considered long before the starting of the project.



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