20 Red Lights



We are an Italian Production Company based in Milan and Genova. We produce films and photos for local and worldwide clients in all Italy and Malta. We take care of all aspects of production: budgeting, accounting, crew&equipment, set design, casting, scouting, locations, permits, Covid-19 protocols, transport and any logistic need, liaison assistance with local authorities, etc.

We have produced or serviced lots of commercials and marketing shoots, TV Series, TV Shows, documentaries and events.

20 Red Lights is an exclusive partner of the Production Service Network, operating in the whole world, and can therefore give advice on international productions.

This partnership give us the mutual opportunity to be involved in big international projects and to receive the best shooting support abroad.



  1. Trustworthywe will deliver you the best assistance and the best crew to follow your project, saving you time and delivering the results you asked for;
  2. Superb network of contactswe know where to find the best service providers;
  3. Fast to respondwe get involved in the project as soon as the brief comes up, and can deliver a first ball park very quickly;
  4. Excellent case historyour reel speaks for us, we operate in order to guarantee the highest quality;
  5. Flexible  – we work on every level, from the smallest project to the biggest: it doesn’t matter how big is your project, we will follow you with all the Italian passion we’re capable of;
  6. Premium service – tailored on your needs.