Our Malta – 20 Red Lights
20 Red Lights

In 2021 we asked the photographer Andrea Boccalini to bring to life our vision of Malta through his art.
This gallery is not intended to be a location proposal, rather to stimulate the sensations and possibilities to the viewer, that we think Malta can offer. We would be happy to share our visual and productive experience with you for new projects.


Many big film productions have found in Malta the ideal location to set their projects due to its professional opportunities, for the magnificent scenery and for the bigger and bigger presence on the island of different nationalities.


Malta is really diverse. In a rather small territory it conveys different sceneries which allow the filmmaker to set different scenarios with short transfers, both for long and short formats, ADV or fiction. Malta is also home to the Malta Film Studios, the biggest water studios in Europe.


Thanks to a nice and warm Mediterranean climate, Malta offers the possibility for at least 300 shooting days per year with nice weather.


Easy to reach by plane from many European capitals, and both by plane and boat from Italy, given the proximity to the island of Sicily.


Our 20 Red Lights team, thanks to the experience and reliability, and in collaboration with Matthew Camilleri’s Media Factory, have created beneficial agreements and a dedicated team in Malta for your advantage. Last but not least Malta government offers a well-organized cash rebate system.