20 Red Lights


We mainly work as service production company, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot propose directors for your specific brief.

First of all, we as 20 Red Lights have a gentlemen agreement with AIR3:

AIR3 is the Italian Directors Guild. Its Directors provide their skills to the Advertising, Movie, Music and Television businesses and most likely to every new form of Media Production in the years to come. In order to support the awareness of its Italian Directors, AIR3 is strongly active in creating a network of connections with both local and international players who share the same passion for communicating.
Through their website you can look for the perfect director for your project, thanks to the genre, categories and news tags.
Ring us a bell if you find any of their reel interesting or promising. > contact <


Thanks to our experience as a service production company, we’ve had the chance to work with several directors and photographers from all over the world and therefore we know them, how they work and what they require on their set.