20 Red Lights

Varilux XR – Essilor Luxottica

CLIENT: Essilor Luxottica |  PRODUCTION COMPANY: The Mill | SERVICE PRODUCTION: 20 Red Lights | DIRECTOR: Andrew Proctor | DOP: David Wright


In our latest endeavor, we deployed a fleet of 20 Red Lights to organize The Mill London’s all-digital production in the vibrant city of Milan. An expansive LED wall transformed into a canvas of futuristic marvels, radiating super-bright 3D images for a breathtaking visual journey.

Against this backdrop, our models gracefully navigate a realm where reality and innovation converge. Suspended in this immersive, high-tech environment, they show the allure and efficacy of the groundbreaking Varilux lenses.


About the director Andrew Proctor

Upon graduating, Andrew moved to London to start his first job at The Mill. Andrew swiftly moved up The Mill ranks receiving many awards along the way including the prestigious BTA: Best new animator Award and the First Boards Award for animation. Initially earning his stripes as a lead CG artist specializing in lighting and rendering and visual effects supervision, Andrew played a huge hand in award winning spots like Coke “It’s Mine,” Honda “Cog,” Barclaycard “Rollercoaster” and Mercedes “Cloud Gods.”

From London to NYC and now LA, Andrew has been a force in the industry for some time. Evolving alongside its early champions, The Mill has since opened its very own production company, Mill+, where Andrew has been a premier director over a decade. Rising up out of the visual effects industry, Andrew offers a new perspective and unique skill-set rarely honed by traditionally trained directors. Not only can he capture worlds through the lens, he can build them. Directing title sequences, music videos and commercials for huge brands like Pepsi, Adidas and Audi it’s only a matter of time before he can add features to his growing reel.

Steven Chan
Joanne Dyson
Tyson Douglas
Sharita Sopacua
Andrea Tivadar

Creative director: Matteo Pelo
Producer: Giulia Linguanti

The Mill
Director: Andrew Proctor
DOP: David Wright
EP: Johnny Blick
Producer: Frank Hanrahan
1st AD: Jai Lusser
UPM: Hetta Frost
Prod. Asst: Millicent Sharrat
Senior Vfx Producer Kate Marie Ryan
VFX Supervisor Vittorio Barabani

20 Red Lights
EP: Luca De Angelis
Producer: Arianna Dolini
1st AD: Stefano Ruggeri
UPM: Paola Sorini
Unit Manager: Matteo Busoni
Prod Asst: Annabella Salvalaio
PAs: Filippo Geri, Vittorio Cicoli, Gianluca Antonini, Antonino Catania
Focus Puller: Roberto Mulè
2nd Camera Assist: Andrea Pedrinelli
Video assist: Jacopo Gabai
DIT: Daniele Reggio
Watch out tech: Matteo Marcato
Art director: Davide Cardillo
Art Buyer: Gabriella Cazzulo
Prop Master: Giacomo Montalbano
Prop Master Ass.: Andrea Bello
Stylist: Ingrid Pastore
Wardrobe: Luciana Malacarne
Seamstress: Darcy Dias
Make Up: Antonina Sorrenti
Ass Make Up: Antonella Muggeo
Gaffer: Marco Merlini
Elettricians: Fabio Bonizzoni, Roberto Marchini, Marco Lucio Tortora, Jacopo Baretton
Mixer Lights: Marco Piva
Key Grip: Mimmo Lovisi
Grips: Federico Lovisi, Aronne Romanò, Clara Pompilli
Helper: Chathushka