20 Red Lights

The Hand of God through the eyes of Sorrentino

An unforgettable day traversing the echoes of brilliance! 20 Red Lights had the immense pleasure of spending an entire day with the incomparable Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino in the intimate spaces of his youth: the narrow Neapolitan alleys, his childhood home, and the locales that birthed his earliest inspirations.

Captured with cinematic finesse, the video owes its brilliance to the vision of the magnificent Paolo Pellegrin and Paolo Freschi. Here’s a nod to the incredible crew that brought this video to life.


Photo and AV Studio Manager: Francesca Perego
Originals Publicity Manager: Federica De Sanctis

Photographer: Paolo Pellegrin
Video Director: Paolo Freschi
Business Development Manager: Ludovica Pellegatta
Photo Assistants: Alessio Cupelli, Luca Filoni
Sound Technician: Paolo Cattani
Magnum Fixer: Vincenzo “Enzo” Pipino

EP: Luca De Angelis
UPM: Christian Scacco
Unit Manager: Marco Mazzotti
Production Coordinator: Silvia Barba
Location Manager: Bruno Morra, Francesca Fariello, Leonardo Turacci
Art Buyer: Madalina Elena Rafan
Prop Master: Davide Fratticci
Costume Designer: Nicolò Cerioni
Costume Asst. Michele Potenza, Salvatore Pezzella
Seamstress: Viola Sangiorgio
Make Up: Nicoletta Pinna, Marika Viscovo
Make Up Asst: Eleonora Mantovani
Hair Stylist: Luisa Ranieri Domenica Ricciardi, Francesco Borghese
Genny Alessandro Ticconi
PAs: Lorenzo Greco, Gianluca Cappellano, Simone Tofani, Mirko Mina