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Telia – The Legend & The Apprentice

CLIENT: Telia | AGENCY: Forsman & Bodenfors | P.C. Sweden: new-land | DIRECTOR: Marcus Ibanez | D.O.P.: Joao De Botelho | TESTIMONIALS: Zlatan Ibrahimović and Dejan Kulusevski | YEAR: 2021

Telia Sweden entrusted production company new-land and director Marcus Ibanez with the exciting task of bringing to life an advertising campaign for its UEFA Champions League football coverage. The campaign features the iconic Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the rising star Dejan Kulusevski, hailing from Milan and Turin, respectively.

Navigating the intricacies of shooting in Italy during the full August shutdown posed its challenges, but hey, nothing compared to the thrill of winning the Champions League!

In this epic saga, The Legend, Ibrahimovic, takes The Apprentice, Kulusevski, under his wing, imparting the secrets of becoming a true ‘lion’ to claim the cherished trophy. How will this football tale unfold? Watch the video for the grand reveal!


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About the director Marcus Ibanez

Marcus Ibanez has a background in still photography and a graphic design degree from Berghs School of Communication.

After graduating in 2016, Marcus was eager to learn more about film and got in contact with New Land who quickly realised his potential and he started as a Director’s Assistant and 2nd unit director.

Since the very first day, Marcus has worked on big productions for clients such as Volvo, H&M and Audi with directors like Gustav Johansson, Niclas Larsson, Sheila Johansson, Jonas Lindstrøm and Jerome Salle, to name a few.

Marcus most recently directed films for Volvo, Adidas & Coca-Cola, and in 2020, Marcus won the Gold at the Eurobest Award for Best Craft for his film ‘Dante’s Heartbeats’ for the Swedish Children’s Heart Foundation, Hjärtebarnsfonden. He was also awarded Gold in 2021 Clio awards for the same in Film.



EP: Sophie Tamm Christensen
Producer: Caroline Sandberg
UPM: Danielle Ekberg
Director: Marcus Ibanez
Director’s Asst: Felix Scheynius
DOP: Joao De Botelho
VFX: Jørundur Rafn Arnarson



EP: Luca De Angelis
Producer: Arianna Dolini
UPM: Simona De Martini
1st AD: Stefano Ruggeri
Unit Manager: Matteo Busoni
Prod Coordinator: Daniela Belcastro
Coordinator Turin: Arianna Trono
Location Manager TO: Emanuele Perotti
Location Manager MI: Sergio De Vidovich
Location Manager Drone: Sara Montironi
PAs: Nicolò Ignaccolo, Stefano Nebuloni, Francesco Tanzi, Antonio D’Amato, Filippo Geri, Christian Olivo
Focus Puller Cam A: Marco Fossati
Focus Puller Cam B: Nicolò Primo
Camera Asst: Luca Prandoni
Ronin Operator: Alex D’Emilia
VTR: Manuel Passoni
DIT: Fabio Cresseri
Cable Man: Simone De Luzio
Drone operators: Action Drone
Backstage operator: Lorenzo Arrigoni
Sound: Duccio Servi
MUA: Roberta Bacco
Stylist: Antonio Ariganello
Seamstress: Alice Delfino
Art Director: Fabrizio Moschini
Art Buyer TO: Andrea Pitet
Art Buyer MI: Gabriella Cazzulo
Prop Master: Alberto Penati
Prop Master Asst: Andrea Ventura Vitetta
Gaffer: Roberto Albano
Electricians: Daniele Ballarin, Stefano Pavanati, Elvis Musicco, Pietro Bontà
Key Grip: Guido Magri
Grips: Andrea Trisolino, Francesco Frulio, Aronne Romanò
Quad Grip: Marco Piretto
Food truck: Stefano Lori