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Scotch & Soda – The Story of Things

CLIENT: Scotch & Soda | DIRECTOR: Caroline Koning | DOP: Tibor Dingelstad | YEAR: 2015

To all treasure hunters and story collectors, welcome to the Story of Things. Follow the wanderings of a special object: one that has crossed the paths of many people, and knows a hundred secrets. Take in the scenery and see where the journey takes us.


The Characters

Zaria: She never stayed in one place for long. It’s not that she didn’t like them. On the contrary, she merely believed she wouldn’t have enough time left to see the rest of the world. She was a wanderer who laughed in the face of plans, and always had a new style.

Bruno: As a child, no one understands your language or games. And no one is as fun as your friends.

Domenico: A Grumpy old man who went to the barber shop every Wednesday morning.

Giuseppe: The owner of Bellizi’s Antica Barbieria – a barbershop from the 1920s filled with art deco details, but also with personal history and stories. Giuseppe owns a radio that hasn’t produced a sound since 20th July 1969. His style and patience are timeless.


About the director Caroline Koning

Caroline brings with her a multitude of experience from the world of fashion into the craft of directing.It’s no surprise that the multi-disciplinary talent has been highly sought after, as her graduation film from the esteemed Amsterdam Fashion Institute, AMFI, added up to her first award. This was the beginning of what would mark a shift in Caroline’s focus, bringing with her a multitude of experience from the world of fashion into the craft of directing. Her first fashion film for Love Stories, ‘Bo’, was featured on Nowness and as Vimeo Staff Pick. The alluring film gained a cult-like following in the northern hemisphere. With a great deal of curiosity, a whole lot of discipline, and a good dose of stubbornness, she quickly grew a portfolio of work, including high-profile jobs for the likes of Loewe and Scotch & Soda. In 2017, Caroline was listed in Adformatie’s top ten NL emerging talent – a yearly overview from the leading industry publication in the Netherlands.
Always being fascinated by the world of images, directing came quite natural to Caroline – who is completely self-taught. Caroline’s work is, unsurprisingly, heavily influenced from her background in fashion. Stylized yet toned down, natural but poetic, honest and revealing. Persuaded by her intellect and dictated by her instincts, Caroline has a very personal approach to her craft and enjoys getting involved in every step of the process.
EP: Luca De Angelis
Producer: Silvia Prossimo
Location Manager: Luca Massa
Art Buyer: Alice Piscitelli