20 Red Lights

PUSS IN BOOTS – World Cup 2022

CLIENTS: Dreamworks, Universal, Fox SportsAGENCY: Framework LA | PRODUCTION COMPANY: Hector Film & TV | TESTIMONIAL: Weston McKennie | PRODUCT: Puss in Boots | DIRECTOR: Samy Mosher | DOP: Nathan Wilson

20 Red Lights had the immense pleasure of working with the top producers at Framework LA and Hector Film & TV for this super funny project starring Weston McKennie and… Puss in Boots!
We simply had the best crew. It didn’t take little time to prepare the light setting with all those par cans! But the day went smoothly, there was a wonderful energy in the air, the crew worked perfectly in synch.

Happy to have worked at this project with the fantastic Samy Mosher and Nathan Wilson


About the director Samy Mosher:

Samy Mosher is an Asian American director based in Los Angeles. Born in London to an Indonesian dentist and an American journalist, Samy was raised in England, Tokyo and LA. He’s a self–proclaimed “global citizen”, which has always guided and inspired his work. No boundaries or borders. Samy’s work for such brands as Google, Samsung, HBO, and Vogue, continues to reflect his diverse journey in life — capturing a youthful energy, spontaneity and authentic sense of fun. In 2016, he founded STADIUM, a global production company with offices in London and LA. He also has an Instagram that he rarely updates.


Agency: Framework LA
Production Company: Hector Film & TV
Production Service: 20 Red Lights
Director: Samy Mosher
DOP: Nathan Wilson
EP: Rajan Patel
Producers: Jose Maldonado, Hugo Currie
20 Red Producers: Luca De Angelis, Arianna Dolini
UPM: Paola Sorini
1st AD: Daniele Fagone
Prod Coordinator: Matteo Busoni
Prod Assistants: Annabella Salvalaio, Daniela Belcastro
Drivers: Filippo Sarzi, Vittorio Cicoli, Gianluca Antonini, Francesco Pacho Patrini, Giovanni Sbrissa
Focus Puller: Fabio Rocchi
2nd Camera Asst: Stefano Memelli
Trinity Operator: Diego Capelli
Trinity Asst: Andrea Sportelli
DIT: Daniele Reggio
Data Manager: Danilo Catalano
Streaming Operator: Angelica Zambotti
VTR: Valentina Della Torre
Sound: Soundfish
VFX Supervisor: Neil Cunningham
Gaffer: Marco Merlini
Mixer: Lucio Scalise
Electricians: Andrea Frigerio, Fabrizio Giommetti, Ivano Francavilla, Marco Tortora
Key Grip: Mimmo Lovisi
Grips: Federico Lovisi, Matteo Antonielli
Labourers: Giulio Pipolo, Dario Dell’Orto
Prop Master: Simone Ciceri
Prop Master Asst: Leonardo Tosetto
Ass Art Director: Giulia Mandricardo
SFX Supervisor Ferdinando Garetti
Rigger Props: Franco Verrecchia
Styling: Antonio Ariganello
Wardrobe: Elena Monti
Make-UP: Francesca Prinzis
Weston’s Double: Raffaell Akadimna
Service: Movie People
Transportation: Free Autotrasporti
Security Law: Maurizio Giannuzzi
Catering: Ristoranset