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Purina – Together is better

CLIENT: Nestlè – Purina | DIRECTORS: Paolo Vari & Alessia Petta | DOP: Fabio Casati | YEAR: 2016


Conceived by the children of the primary school “A. Soggetti ”of Sarezzo (BS), who participated and won the 2015/16 “A Scuola di Petcare” competition.
Since 2004, with the “A Scuola di Petcare” project, Purina enters the classroom to help develop sensitivity towards pets and stimulate the growth of children’s imagination and sense of responsibility.

The moving film is about a broken family reunited through the love of a pet and it was brilliantly directed by Paolo Vari and Alessia Petta.


About the directors:

Paolo Vari

Paolo Vari works as a filmmaker and director since 1995. Since 2005 he has been working in advertising, directing dozens of films for all the major Italian production companies and winning many prestigious international prizes. He wrote and directed the long feature film Fame chimica (2004) which was featured at the Venice Film Festival, won the Dolly d’oro 2004 for “Best Italian debut” as well as several international awards. It was also one of five movies shortlisted for the Best film award at the David di Donatello 2005 and at the Nastro d’argento 2005.
He directed many documentary films and TV productions for several international broadcasters, including Le mani sulla Vita (2002), and the first Italian docu-soap, I Love Italy (2001). In 2006 he directed a series of short films for the popular Italian TV show “Ballarò” (RAI3).
He’s the founder of Blue Joint Film and Red Joint Film.

Alessia Petta

Alessia Petta is an italian director. Before presenting her thesis in Film Semiotics, Alessia spent one year in Paris to further specialize and focus on her study, and meanwhile improving her photography skills. Alessia lived first in Rome, then in Milan where she worked as an assistant director with many, both Italian and international directors. After seven years of experience she abandoned the Assistant Director role to finally become an official Director. She loves to focus on the stories, to catch people’s humanity and realism. Alessia had the chance to work for brands such as P&G, Nestlè, Napisan, Real Time, Sandoz, Interlora, Clementoni, FAI, Discovery Channel and many more.



Federico Dilirio, Giorgia Senesi, Valentino Orfeo, Camilla Puppini, Manuel Sinatra



EP: Luca De Angelis
UPM: Paola Sorini
Unit Manager: Matteo Busoni
Production Coordinator: Silvia Prossimo
Animal trainer: Claudio Mangini
Focus Puller: Maurizio Iannello
Art Buyer: Chiara Breda
Costume Designer: Francisco Ranellucci
Make-up: Marina Caffagna
Gaffer: Emanuele Mestriner