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Nike Flightball with Cristiano Ronaldo

When I see your passion, your training, your commitment to a better future—it reminds me that it all starts with a ball at your feet.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

CLIENT: Nike | AGENCY: Dirty Robber | PHOTOGRAPHER: Arturo Torres | TALENT: Cristiano Ronaldo | YEAR: 2020


An entirely remote production!

You may think the reason for the remote was Covid-19, since it was shot in 2020, but it was not… entirely!

Arturo Torres, the photographer, found a way of working remotely with talents. Production gives them a latest generation iPhone with which either they frame themselves or are framed by an operator, then Arturo calls them on FaceTime and takes a photo of his iPad, connected in video call with the talent!

Dirty Robber once again entrusted us with a project of theirs, knowing about the delicacy of going into Cristiano’s house for this!



About the photographer Arturo Torres

Arturo Torres captures raw, unpredictable moments of friends, strangers, and clients in his native San Francisco. The 33-year-old Mexican American photographer maintains a mastery over portrait, street, editorial, and commercial photography. Entirely self-taught, Torres started taking photography seriously when he was 17 years old. At first, he took snapshots of his friends and their cars using his Canon A95 and disposable cameras. He then developed his skills over time and began working with modeling agencies during the day and the music industry at night. His portfolio includes the likes of Donnis, HBK Gang, Kehlani, and Lil B to name a few.

Torres is one of countless photographers whose workflow was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the coronavirus outbreak, all of his shoots were postponed or canceled. “A lot of my clients have physical retail spaces, so it’s been tough seeing the layoffs and other changes being made. Most of my friends in the industry are also out of work. Hard times.”

During these days of social distancing, art can provide repose from reality. For Torres, it’s an opportunity to push the limits of his photography practice in unconventional ways. For instance, he launched a project called Facetimes where he captures portraits of friends and models over Apple’s FaceTime iPhone software using his actual camera. The project allowed him to stay busy and creative while in isolation.

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EP: Luca De Angelis
Producer: Arianna Dolini
UPM: Paola Sorini
Camera Operator: Giuseppe Laganella
Sound: Angelo Galeano
Runner: Antonio D’Amato