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Nike Breaking 2 Documentary

CLIENT: Nike | AGENCY: Dirty Robber | DIRECTOR: Martin Desmond Roe | DOP: Jess Young | YEAR: 2017


Breaking2 was a project by Nike to break the two-hour barrier for the marathon. Nike announced the project in November 2016 and organized a team of three elite runners who trained for a private race. The event was held on the Formula One Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track in Italy on May 6, 2017.

Dirty Robber once again entrusted us with the production of their shoot during the race in Monza.

Director Martin Desmond Roe and his crew documented the three runners selected for the two-hour marathon project —Kipchoge of Kenya, Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, and Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea — to get a fuller look at their training and their lives leading up to the run in Monza, Italy.


About the director Martin Desmond Roe

Most known for writing the Oscar Nominated Short Buzkashi Boys, Executive Producing The Emmy Award winning Tom vs Time, and directing Cannes Gold Lions winner BREAKING2, Martin is the founder of the production company Dirty Robber. As the creative head of Dirty Robber, which specializes in elevated documentaries, he has directed and produced multiple series and films including Showtime’s Kobe Bryant’s Muse, as well as a multitude of Nike campaigns.



EP: Jason Puris
Producer: Kathlyn Horan
1st AD: Angela Tortu
Cinematographer: Fio Occhipinti
Cinematographer: Victor Avila



EP: Luca De Angelis
UPM: Matteo Busoni
Production Coordinator: Paolo Livraghi
2nd AD: Daniele Fagone
Sound: Matteo Olivari, Viviana Marin