20 Red Lights

Nano Universe Lady

CLIENT: Nano Universe | DIRECTOR: Kensaku Kakimoto | YEAR: 2015


About the director Kensaku Kakimoto

Kensaku Kakimoto is a cinematographer, a producer of numerous films as well as a video artist. He has also received much acclaim in the field of contemporary art, represented in exhibitions throughout the world. Many of Kakimoto’s film works are condensed with aspects in seemingly inexpressible ways from the subject’s body temperature and heat, the atmosphere and climate that drifts in its surroundings, to the notion of time. In his dynamic film directions, Kakimoto intricately presents fragments of life and the delicacy of subtle emotion creating a certain fluctuation that gives rise to an overwhelming sense of beauty and powerfulness. He has produced feature length film Colors in 2005, later Ugly and Light Up Nippon in 2012.
In 2016 Kakimoto presented Translator, at the Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama, Tokyo and also participating in Tokyo Art Photo fair. He continues to work extensively across various different genres, transcending the boundary between film and photography.