20 Red Lights

Mastercard – Priceless Surprise

CLIENT: Mastercard | AGENCY: McCann Craft | DIRECTOR: Santiago Burin De Roziers | DOP: Krishna Agazzi | TALENT: Gigi Buffon | YEAR: 2017


What’s priceless? Meeting your football hero and play with him, of course.

How come that all kids want to train for goalkeeper now that Buffon is on the pitch?? ⚽️


About the director Santiago Burin De Roziers

Santiago was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to London, aged 21, to pursue a career in filmmaking. Whether he’s working with actors or non-professionals, Santiago has an eye for authentic film-making that gets to the very core of a story. His work is bold, current and adventurous.



EP: Luca De Angelis
Prod coordinator: Silvia Prossimo
Unit manager: Matteo Busoni
1st AD: Paolo Bartoli
Location Manager: Alessandra Curti