20 Red Lights

Bang & Olufsen – Beyond the Race

CLIENT: Bang & Olufsen with Ferrari |  PRODUCTION COMPANY: Dreamboat | SERVICE PRODUCTION: 20 Red Lights | DIRECTOR: Anders Ingvartsen | TALENT: Charles Leclerc

Dreamboat, the Danish production company, handpicked 20 Red Lights to orchestrate the spectacle for the latest Bang & Olufsen commercial featuring none other than Ferrari’s ace pilot, Charles Leclerc.

No roaring engines here; instead, we captured the captivating moments before the race, set against the backdrop of the powerful soundscapes emanating from the iconic B&O Beolab speakers. A symphony of precision, style, and the unmistakable thrill of anticipation.

A conversation trackside with Leclerc, as he invites the audience into his high-octane racing universe, telling about the adrenaline rush of Monaco’s challenging corners and the harmonious balance that music brings to keep him grounded amidst the speed and intensity of the track.

Bang & Olufsen
Paul Collins
Claudia Fanelli
Giancarlo Tarocco
Lavinia Negromanti
Chiara Dini
Producer: Sophie Gilsfort
Director: Anders Ingvartsen
Asst. to Director: Joachim Jacobsen
20 Red Lights
EP: Luca De Angelis
Producer: Arianna Dolini
UPM: Paola Sorini
1st AD: Stefano Ruggeri
Prod. Coordinator: Matteo Busoni
Prod. Assistant: Annabella Salvalaio
PA: Vittorio Cicoli
Focus Puller: Antonello Beghetto
2nd Cam Asst: Romano Molter
VTR: Filippo Dal lago
DIT: Daniele Reggio
Techno Head Operator: Alessandro Barisano
Watch Out Operator: Agostino D’Aniello
Art Director: Davide Cardillo
Prop Master: Federico Mussato
Seamstress: Marta Bordignon
Gaffer: Fabio Bonizzoni
Electricians: Lorenzo Gardinali, Roberto Marchini
Key Grip: Flavio Cimarosti
Grips: Aronne Romanò, David Diliberto