20 Red Lights

Albert Heijn with Matthijs De Ligt

CLIENT: Albert Heijn | P.C. The Netherlands: Holy Fools | DIRECTOR The Netherlands: Jelle de Jonge | D.O.P. The Netherlands: Ezra Reverda | TESTIMONIAL: Matthijs De Ligt | YEAR: 2020

A fully remote shooting!

What happens when the whole shooting takes place in The Netherlands, but the main talent is in Italy?

First of all, creatives write a wonderful brief that takes this into consideration: Matthijs de Ligt lives in Turin, while Ilse lives in Amsterdam, so she sends him a package with all the AH yummies and the football cards!

Then, they ask for a local company support they trust to handle the remote shooting.
Not only client, agency and producers Defne Anit and Jacqueline Castricum, but also both director Jelle de Jonge and DOP Ezra Reverda were connected remotely from The Netherlands.

What do you do in this case?

Italian DOP Fabio Casati was chosen to handle lighting for Ezra Reverda, 1st AD Matteo Andreolli made everything happen for director Jelle de Jonge, and producer Arianna Dolini made sure that everyone had the right information and connection.

There were two types of connections happening:
1. The Arri camera signal went into a small zoom call between the Italian set and the director, so that Jelle could speak with Matthijs live and give him instructions;
2. A full frame camera signal could be watched remotely by Movie People’s server by whoever needed to watch with full quality and didn’t care about the delay: client, agency, DOP.

How can this happen smoothly? Isn’t it risky to coordinate everything and not be there phisically?
We did not underestimate the challenge and prepared all frames with a stand-in before going into action with our testimonial, who, although was happy to be there with us, had limited time due to Juventus trainings!


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About the director Jelle de Jonge



Producer: Arianna Dolini
UPM: Paola Sorini
D.O.P. : Fabio Casati
1st AD: Matteo Andreolli
Prod Coordinator: Maria Cristina Barberis
Location Manager: Emanuele Perotti
Focus Puller: Marco Fossati
VTR/Streaming Operator: Marco Messina
Sound: Giovanni Corona
Art Director: Fabrizio Moschini
Gaffer: Andrea Rostellato
Key Grip: Andrea Trisolino