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The Covid-19 has changed a lot not only our personal lives but also the way of working in this environment and the creativity of most projects.

We guarantee the safety on our sets both for the local crew and the foreign clients, by following by heart the local guidelines and engaging into finding the best solutions for all situations.

Is it possible to film outdoors in Italy?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to film indoors in Italy?

Yes, it is possible.

Is there a crew size limit for both situations?


Is it possible to have a remote streaming system on set?

Yes it is, and we have great experience in remote shootings, also with the director and DOP connected from abroad!

Is Covid-19 testing required before shooting?

No, just the full vaccination.

What are the agreed safety protocols?

Covid manager (has the responsibility of monitoring that the activities on set are in full respect of it), surgical and FFP2 masks, hand gels, 1 meter distance, sanitization and hygienic environment, individually packed meals, daily temperature measurement.

Is the domestic travel permitted in Italy?


Can foreign clients travel to Italy? If yes, at what conditions?

Yes. To enter Italy it is necessary to show proof of valid vaccination. No need for the dPLF any longer.

There is no longer the obligation to show the so-called “Green Pass” to access transport, restaurant or hotel services, or to access other businesses.

From May 1st, it is mandatory to wear FFP2 type respiratory protective equipment in the following cases:

a) for access to the usual means of transport and for their use (aircraft, ships, ferries, trains, buses)

b) for shows open to the public that take place indoors in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other similar venues, as well as for sports events and competitions that take place at closed.

Last update: May 6th 2022